Anthony is currently a freshman student at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. He is studying Economics in the Tobin College of Business and is a member of the Honors Program and the Ozanam Scholars Program. 

As a member of the Ozanam Scholars Program, Anthony works “closely with dedicated faculty and administrators to investigate and address real-world social justice issues, and inspire change throughout their college careers and beyond”. The scholars attend weekly service trips, global excursions, and minor in social justice as part of the program. This allows the scholars to develop workable solutions to problems of the world. The program has led to the development of organizations such as Project ID which helps impoverished people obtain the necessary documentation to register to vote.

Anthony’s desire to help others and solve the world’s problems can also be seen in his work experience. Anthony was an organizer in Pittsburgh for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election and was an intern in the United Steelworkers political department where he came up with comprehensive campaign plans and did extensive analysis of congressional races. He hopes to continue his work in the political field and work towards achieving a better world for everyone.

Anthony comes from a family of 8 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  When he is not working or doing schoolwork, Anthony can be found reading, watching hockey, hanging out with friends, having a deep conversation, or thinking about how to change the world.